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Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme (DROPS) - Never Let Go

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Dropped objects awareness is extremely important, especially in the oil, gas, and drilling industries. Because dropped objects are responsible for numerous injuries and fatalities in these industries, performing inspection & prevention management is a critical component for any safety maintenance plan. A proper inspection carried out by an experienced rope access team can identify potential dropped object scenarios and can help avert equipment & structure damage or even fatalities.

Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS) surveys & inspections are an integral part of any condition inspection. Qualified inspection technicians conduct a thorough inspection & survey of catwalks, ladders, Derricks, masts, and other areas that could pose a potential issue with dropped objects. A complete survey should include photographic documentation, recommendations, and immediate repair requirements. An effective DROPS program needs to be developed from the survey’s conclusion in order to determine the real-world likelihood, as well as damage/injury potential of a possible incident, for each potential scenario.

Whether onshore or offshore, there are a number of causes for dropped objects. They can include:

  • Loose items/tools that have been left at height after construction work
  • Weather damaged items
  • Tar deposits on drilling derricks
  • Items loosened by vibration or extended use
  • Corroded fixtures and fittings or lack of secondary retention
  • Inadequate securing

The engineering & industrial inspection experts at Industrial Access recommend that key structures are regularly inspected, either annually or pre-operations and post-construction. Our team is able to perform thorough DROPS surveys & inspections and provide removal of loose items, complete an inventory of equipment within the structure, and assess the integrity of fittings and secondary retention parts.

Contact PT. MAUNA KEA INDONESIA today to find out more about our DROPS surveys & inspections and how we can protect your facility, rig, or plant from the dangers of dropped objects. Whether you require an initial inspection for baseline data or you’d like a continuing maintenance plan program, we can help.

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