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Repair & Maintenance Services

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Below deck lifting offshore

Industrial Climbing and Rigging Training

Rope access locations are everywhere; refineries, chemical factories, steel furnaces, yards, storage tanks, power plants, buildings, bridges, offshore platforms, drilling rigs, and wind turbines.

Aviation Warning Lights

MAUNA KEA INDONESIA rope access team provides installation, repair, and replacement for aviation warning light systems. We will help establish the proper aviation warning light configuration to keep you up to code and within regulations, as well as quickly & efficiently install, maintain, and repair aviation warning lights on your facility’s tall structures or industrial chimneys.

Bridge Services & Inspections

The rope access methods used by our crew provide a great solution for work on bridges since lane and track closures can be minimized. From non-destructive testing to repairs and bridge structural inspections, our crew is capable of handling challenging tasks on a number of surfaces such as steel, concrete, or wood.

Cement Plants

Our extensive experience and rope access techniques allow us to handle difficult tasks and components in tight spaces in cement plants. Our technicians offer cleaning & inspection of industrial chimneys and smokestacks, ductwork and breaching repairs & maintenance, and regularly scheduled maintenance tasks – all within cost-effective means and tough time constraints.

Commercial Building Maintenance

The rope access technicians of PT. MAUNA KEA INDONESIA is trained to provide safe solutions to high rise buildings along with any premises that present an access problem for window cleaning or building maintenance. From roof repairs to structural testing to window cleaning and high-pressure power washing, PT. MAUNA KEA INDONESIA has the capabilities necessary to meet all of your commercial building maintenance needs.

Communication Towers & Antenna

Communication towers and cellular service antennas are large structures that can be properly & affordably maintained with rope access methods. Using a team of rope access technicians is not only a safer way to perform maintenance and repairs, but it’s also a way to provide these solutions in a cost-effective and quick manner.

Drilling Rig Mast Derricks

Offering years of rope access experience, Industrial Access provides derrick erection, inspection, and upgrade services for shipyards, derrick manufacturers, drilling contractors, main contractors, and more. We use our expertise to assemble and install derrick structures and provide extensive safety & project method plans.

Eye Bolt Installation

Eyebolt installation and testing is just one of the many rope access capabilities we offer. Properly installed eye bolts are the key to an effective fall protection system and every worker that is performing maintenance or repairs at height relies on this critical component. Make sure you trust professionals that have the expertise to install an eyebolt correctly.

Fall Protection Systems

Personal and collective fall protection systems are imperative for crews working at height. From engineering and installing to inspection and repair a fall protection system and all of its components, the rope access technicians of PT. MAUNA KEA INDONESIA can help ensure your fall protection system is safe.

Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes and large overhead cranes can quickly and easily be access for inspections, repairs, or painting & coating services with rope access techniques. Having a routine maintenance program for your mobile gantry crane reduces component wear and helps maintain quality performance.

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